Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Classes Overview

Overview of French Classes

The Alliance Française of Cincinnati is proud to provide classes in French and on many aspects of French culture through its FRENCH INSTITUTE. The classes, taught by experienced teachers, are designed to develop practical and interactive communication skills and familiarize students with various aspects of French contemporary life. We seek to offer you the highest efficiency, working in small groups of no more than 8 students, while keeping tuition fees as low as possible.

BEGINNERS 1, 2, & 3: These levels are suited to total beginners or those who have had a little exposure to French in the past. Basic grammar and vocabulary are covered with the goal of achieving correct usage of regular and irregular verbs mostly in the present.

ADVANCED BEGINNERS 1, 2, & 3: This is the continuation of our Beginners program.  It is intended for students who know a variety of verbs, basic tenses and are ready to move on to negatives, object pronouns and compound tenses.

INTERMEDIATE 1, 2, & 3: This class is designated for students who have completed our Beginners classes, or who have had French in the past and are comfortable in basic French but are ready to move on to more complicated grammar, such as the subjunctive mood, a variety of past and future tenses, and more conversational French along with a growing vocabulary.

ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE 1, 2, & 3: This class is for students who have had exposure to some of the more complex elements of French grammar such as object pronouns and the subjunctive mood.  Students aim at becoming increasingly comfortable in spoken and written French (stating and supporting opinions, etc. ) eventually achieving a nuanced grasp of the language.

ADVANCED 1, 2, & 3: These courses are designed for students who have completed the intermediate level of our coursework, or for the student who demonstrates strong control of French grammar and syntax and is comfortable in both conversational and written French. Most class time is devoted to reviewing advanced grammatical concepts and conversation with the objective of total fluency.

FRENCH AND FRANCOPHONE LITERATURE:  In this class, we will read several short, interesting, and accessible texts written in French, from a variety of authors and time periods, including both classical and modern works.  We will explore their content and their literary and historical settings through discussion in French that is stimulating and at the same time informal and welcoming.

FRENCH FILMS: This course offers an overview of the cornerstones of French film. In class students will break down difficult to understand passages, work on new vocabulary encountered in the films, and discuss their opinions and reactions together. The instructor will also explain cultural references that may be easy otherwise easy to miss. The films themselves will not be watched during class. This will be done outside of class on an individual basis. All of the films selected are available on Netflix.

ESL FOR FRENCH SPEAKERS: This class is intended for native French speakers in the Cincinnati area that would like to work on their written and spoken English.  All levels of English can be taught and specific class levels depend on the students who register.

CHILDREN BEGINNERS 1: This class is for children just starting out in French. Children are immersed in the French language, learning basic vocabulary and grammatical structures through crafts, games and songs.

CHILDREN BEGINNERS 2: This class is for children who have started in our program (or another) and have an exposure to basic vocabulary structures in French. Learning through listening and repeating, this class will also incorporate the use of a text.

CHILDREN BEGINNERS 3: This class is for children who have already had some exposure to written and spoken French, either in our program or in another. Children will work on listening, speaking, reading and writing in French, expanding their base of French vocabulary and basic French grammar.