KIDS & Teens classes

Give the opportunity of learning French!

Alliance Française de Cincinnati offers group classes for kids & teens. French speaking instructors provide an authentic and immersive French learning experience to all of our students. Our knowledgeable staff will offer a natural way of learning through kinesthetic, visual and auditory activities. The teachers organize games, conduct fun activities, and explain cultural nuances for a better understanding of the foreign language.

Youth classes are organized by age groups and proficiency levels. They are taught on Saturday morning at Alliance Francaise de Cincinnati Institute.

Youth classes are taught in-person, unless stated otherwise.

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french for Preschoolers

Inquire on the classes we designed for preschoolers.


French non-fluent youth · ages 5 - 18

Learning a new language is something your children will benefit from their entire lives. Studies show that when it comes to foreign languages, the sooner is indeed the better!


French for fluent youth · ages 5 - 18

If your children have been educated in a French-speaking school, or are francophones, and you want to maintain their level in French, check our courses specifically targeting fluent young speakers.


french for homeschoolers

Check our program, with online classes specifically designed for homeschoolers.


kids summer courses

Check out our Kids Summer Courses, in collaboration with our sponsor, the Kinder Garden School.


French AP test prep classes

We offer classes to best prepare you for AP tests.


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Our office is open Monday to Friday, by appointment only.

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