Here is a list of questions and answers about our classes. Feel free to contact us for more information. You can also use the search bar in the header to find relevant content on the website.

CLASSES - What is your cancellation policy?

For group classes:

If a student cancels one month or more before the start of a session, a full refund will be issued, minus the processing fees.

If a student cancels less than one month before the start of a session, a 50% refund will be issued, minus the processing fees.

If a student cancels after the beginning of a session, the fee is not refundable.

For private lessons:

Private lessons are not refundable. For students who purchased a block of 5- or 10- hours, and who are unable to use all the lessons, the remaining lessons can be transferred to another individual, at no extra cost. If a private lesson is not canceled 24 h prior to the day and time of the lesson, it will not be refunded. For cancellations done more than 24h before class, an email must be sent to both the teacher AND the Institute (afschool@afcincinnati.com).

MEMBERSHIP - Can I change or cancel my membership?

You can modify or cancel your membership at any time by clicking on the 'account' button. There is no refund for membership. Members can cancel their membership via the website, as they have their own account, created the first time they subscribe. One-time membership lasts 1 year from the date of the subscription and the full amount is paid at subscription time. For auto-renewal membership, the fee is a ratio based on the number of days until the renewal date, September 30.

MEMBERSHIP - Can I see the status of my membership?

You can see the status of your membership anytime, by logging in to your account, using the 'Login' button.

MEMBERSHIP - How long does a membership last?

Membership is valid for one year from the date of your membership subscription. If you choose to be a sustaining member, on an auto-renew payment plan, your subscription will auto-renew each year on September 30th.

MEMBERSHIP - How can I subscribe?

Subscribing is easy! Find the plan that works best for you, your family or your business. Then pay online from this site, or pay by check. Follow the instructions on the Membership page.

MEMBERSHIP - What are the benefits of membership?

Member benefits are many, and include free access to French online library, discounts, and access to members-only and partner events. Visit the Membership page to see the full list of benefits.

MISCELLANEOUS - Is  Alliance Française de Cincinnati affiliated with the French Government?

No, our organization is an independent non-profit organization, registered with the State of Ohio as a 501(c)(3) entity.

MISCELLANEOUS - How long has the Alliance Française been in Cincinnati?

Over 120 years now! Alliance Française was established in 1901, and we have been teaching French in the Greater Cincinnati area ever since!

MISCELLANEOUS - What is Alliance Française

Alliance Française is a worldwide network of independent chapters, promoting the French language and Francophone cultures across the globe.

EVENTS - Can I bring my kids or pets to an event

We run many family-oriented gatherings. Bastille Day with a picnic in a park is perfect for your children (and pets). Pétanque games, a day at the ATP Tennis Tournament, crêpes-parties, or movies for youth are fun for kids as well. Individual events may or may not be for kids or pets, but many are great for the whole family!

EVENTS - What is your cancellation policy?

For paid events, we will issue a full refund 7 days prior to the event, and a 50% refund from three days prior up to the date of the event.

EVENTS - Can I pay for an event online?

Yes, you can use our site to pay via a secured online system. You can also pay by check or cash at our office. For online events, we suggest a small donation usually $5 to $10.

EVENTS - How much does a typical event cost?

It depends, but we strive to balance events between affordable (less than 10$) to more expensive venues, like Concerts Nights or dinners ($25 to $60). Alliance Française members get a discount on all our events.

EVENTS - Can I join an event if I am not a member of Alliance Française?

Sure you can!  But what are you waiting for? When an event is exclusive to Alliance Française members, it will be stated in the description. Cultural events organized by other Alliances that we offer through our own channel usually require that attendees belong to an Alliance Française chapter in the US.

EVENTS - Are events for French speakers only?

Everyone is welcomed to attend our events, no matter their language skills or abilities. When an event is in French, for example a conference, it will be advertised as such, and reading material will be provided in English. Some events are mixed, French and English, like dinners, and some events are in English.

EVENTS - What type of events do you organize?

We organize and participate in many types of events. The only guideline is that the event bears some connection to the French language or to the French or Francophone culture. Some events are free, some are family-oriented, some are members-only. Events range from food, the arts, sports, lectures, to French traditional celebrations and more!

EVENTS - How many events do you organize?

On average, we organize one to two events per month throughout the year.

CLASSES - How do I know which level to choose?

Choose the level based on the course description. Then take the on-line test, and , if you are unsure, send us a message in the Contact page or give us a call. We can help you choose the best course for whatever your needs are.

CLASSES - How long does learning French take?

You can expect to have a basic understanding of French after completing the first 2 to 3 levels of the program. With languages, "mileage" varies, but the more you practice, the faster you will get comfortable listening to and speaking French.

CLASSES - How many students are in each class?

Unless otherwise stated in the schedule, the minimum number of students is 3, and the maximum 8.

CLASSES - How often do classes meet?

Unless otherwise stated in the schedule, group classes meet once a week for 10 weeks per session. (Some specific sessions are 5 weeks long.) The duration of each class is an hour and a half.

CLASSES - Can I register for a group class after the class has started?

Please contact the Institute Director at afschool@afcincinnati.com, or call us to make arrangements.

CLASSES - How do I get the study books?

Books (when applicable) need to be purchased prior to the first lesson. Books will be available for pickup at our office. More information on the 'Study Books' page under the 'Class' menu.

CLASSES - When is course payment due?

Course fees must be paid in full before students attend the first class. A student will not be considered registered for a course until full payment has been received.

CLASSES - Is there an Early Registration discount?

A $10 early registration discount is available to students who register for 10-week adult classes at least three weeks before the start of a class. The discount is already included when you register online. If you pay by check, you can receive the same $10 discount if we receive the payment by the cutoff date.

CLASSES - What about course cancellations?

The Alliance Française reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient registration. Course fees already paid for a cancelled class will be refunded based on the original method of payment, or a credit will be issued if asked. Credit is valid for one year starting from the date of cancellation.

CLASSES - When do you offer adult group classes?

Adult classes are taught online Monday through Thursday. See the full schedule on the Adult Classes page.

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