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Several francophone conversation groups are taking place every month in Cincinnati, organized by Alliance Française. Volunteers are leading the conversation groups and encouraging participants to listen and talk. Sometimes, guest Francophone speakers from Japan or West Africa will talk about their amazing experience. Other times, people will comment on news articles, and debate on all sorts of topics.

Conversation groups are open to all levels of French. Joining a group is entirely free, though participants are encouraged to become members or enroll in classes to make the most of their language skills with Alliance Française. As a non-profit, Alliance Française de Cincinnati is paying for the Meetup subscription and Board members are volunteering as group leaders.

The meetings are advertised on as “Le Meetup de l’Alliance Française de Cincinnati” where we encourage you to sign up.

We now have 2 online and 2 in-person groups: one on Monday morning led by Barbara each week; one on the second Thursday night of each month, led by Dan; and one the third Wednesday of the month, led by Luis, and one on the third Thursday of the month, in Clifton.

So sign-up and join!

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