Study books are required for most of the adult classes. Books will be available for purchase at our office, 7565 Kenwood Rd, Suite 203.

Payments for books can also be done online. Click the "Buy Now" button below. Books ordered online are non-refundable. The online processing fee is included in the book's price. Material will not be delivered, it will be available for pickup at our office.

To see which book set is required for your class, click on the "Study Books" button below.

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Totem 1

With a reminder of the objectives and vocabulary at the bottom of each page, Totem 1 activity book completes and strengthens French language knowledge, using varied activities and exercices.
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Totem 2

Totem 2 activity book complements the student's book, and follows its progression and structure.
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Totem 3

While following the progression and structure of the student's book, the activity book reinforces knowledge through multiple activities.
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Edito 1

The Edito book series presents short themes to trigger discussions, offers a large flexibility of use, and is made of 100% authentic documents.
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Edito 2

A notebook and an audio CD to practice independently on grammar and lexicon points
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La France au quotidien

This book is recommended for the "French Culture and Music" class.
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Clés pour la France

This book is recommended for the "French Culture and Music" class.
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Communication & Grammar

This book is recommended for the "Communication & Grammar" class.
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