Plat du Jour - A culinary journey

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French cooking doesn’t have to be complex—with Susan Loomis, it’s as easy as un, deux, trois! The spirit of the plat du jour, the dish of the day, is simplicity, seasonal ingredients, and joyful time at the table. Whether its Boeuf Bourguignon, Poule au Pot, or a simple Salade Niçoise, the French classics in Plat du Jour, as well as the more contemporary dishes in the book are made for the home cook. In Plat du Jour Loomis, partner in the new culinary video platform and author of fourteen cookbooks, shows how to effortlessly transform any meal into an elegant and flavorful French masterpiece.

Having perfected each recipe, Loomis encourages and informs with step-by-step guidance and cooking tips, or astuces, to help you on your way to simple, do-able French culinary expertise. She’ll lead you through every course of you are the plat du jour “formule,” from appetizers to desserts and major dishes in between, highlighting poultry, beef, pork, vegetables, eggs, and more. With gorgeous photography and fun facts from French culinary history, Plat du Jour is a must-have for any aspiring home cook with a craving for simple, often classical, easy to recreate seasonal French cooking.

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Start date/time
3/27/21 1:00 pm
End date/time
3/27/21 2:00 pm
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